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A Rock & Roll Ditty

A Rock & Roll Ditty

1 minute read

 Rappin' Rockin' & Rollin'  

Like Lennon, Dylan, Eminem and Jay Z

I stitch together words that often rhyme

Sometimes, now this may sound crazy

but I am often willin' to do the time

I know to succeed, one mustn't be lazy

so I let my sentence follow my mind


Like Eminem, Jay Z, Lennon and Dylan

my works are from my point of view

And my raps are the raps worth fillin'

and why I'm willin' to fill a void for you

Sometimes we all need a little thrillin'

and a few words, not a million will do

Ricky J. Fico


Our Commitment 

Here at Gifts Personalized For All, we take our rock n' roll seriously just like we take all our muses seriously.

We pride ourselves on our creativity, vision and our pounding out the rhythms so we can make you the perfect personalized gifts. 

Whether listening to Zed Leppelin or Dob Bylan or dancing the Watusi we stay in tune so we can bring you music to your ears: Great Products, Great Pricing and Free Shipping!

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