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Success - "The Shark Tank" Ditty

Success - "The Shark Tank" Ditty

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The Shark Tank Casting Success

Inspirational Ideas & Personalized Gifts

 "The Shark Tank" Ditty

Holy shit, Tom... drop the manure
and listen to the shark

take heed as to what Mr. Wonderful has to say
if you wanna be an entrepreneur
 and make your mark

then take Kevin O'Leary's advice,
I think he knows the way

Holy cow, Frank...
if you wanna make bank

Look at the examples
set by Daymond John

as founder of FUBU,
he knew what was going on

You know that when you're in the shark tank
to survive, you better not do
what you'd do in a pond

The stakes are higher
and you're seeking a buyer

who knows the diff between profit and loss
Just ask Mark Cuban,
that when it comes down to the wire

life is a lot smoother if you are the boss

Now take a look at Barbara Corcoran
 who once ran tables

as a waitress in an eatery not far from home
She's a shark who has stories
that are real and not fables

- the empire she built
rivals the one built in Rome

Holy shit, Ron... drop the manure
and listen to the shark

Robert Herjavec, the immigrant factory worker's son
As an entrepreneur
he had sure made his mark

so take some time and check out
all that he has done

Ricky J. Fico
CEOs, Plant Managers, Office People, Homeschoolers, Sharktankers, Sport People, Fellow Country Folk - these signature mousepads are designed for Success. And who doesn't like "Success" looking you in the eye?
Oh, and your desks will be the happiest desks both sides of Poughkeepsie. Hey, I'm just keeping it real! RJF 
Philosophy:"Enough failures will lead to success once you succeed in failing to give up!"  (Original Quotes from Ricky J. Fico - the guy with the purple helmet and green bow-tie)

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