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Free and Fast Shipping Domestic Orders
Free and Fast Shipping Domestic Orders

About Us

Gifts Personalized For All

With care and dedication we design and produce an ever-growing assortment of personalized gifts and keepsakes that we know you and/or your gift recipient will love and cherish.

With free and quick shipping, competitive pricing and 5-star reviews, you have come to the right place for your gift-giving needs. 

We are located in Gurnee, Illinois - home to Great America and home to Ricky J. Fico, the proprietor, designer, writer and fulfillment guy. He prides himself on his eye-for-detail, his penchant for quality and desire for complete customer satisfaction. 

Another integral member of Gifts Personalized For All is Josephine - a long-time registered nurse who not only takes great care of her patients but great care of our products. She does an excellent job of pressing and preparing your gift and keepsake items. She also helps in the designing and sometimes, the realigning. 

Our Mission

  • Giving a gift can revive a relationship, re-establish a line of communication between old friends, classmates, co-workers - the list is endless.
  •   Gifts can oftentimes be viewed as conduits to elevating spirits, brightening perspectives, increasing awareness, again the possibilities are endless.
  • Here at Gifts Personalized For All we offer a wide range of gift items...
  • And of course, by personalizing our gift items with your most cherished photographs, your truest of sentiments or just a simple heartfelt message leads well into this idea of "Turning Golden Moments Into A Lifetime." 

We want to welcome you by one and thank you all!

Gifts Personalized For All