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Free and Fast Shipping Domestic Orders
Free and Fast Shipping Domestic Orders

Personalized Photo Pewter Wreath Ornament


Our Personalized Photo Pewter Wreath Framed Ornament is a great gift and/or keepsake, one which will add joy and appreciation to the holiday festivities. For best results please provide a large, sharp, high-resolution image. Blurry images will be blurry on the final product. If your image is too small we will have to stretch it to fit which can cause it to lose resolution.

Our customized and personalized ornaments are wonderful gifts that become treasured keepsakes for many years to come. Customized with your personal information and/or photo, our ornaments make one-of-a-kind gifts to commemorate lifetime firsts and memorable occasions. Celebrate important holidays and events with a personalized ornament this season such as an engagement ornament, first Christmas as newlyweds ornament, baby's 1st Christmas ornament, first home ornament, first year as a grandparent or godparent ornament. 

 Each original customized ornament is permanently fused so the art becomes part of the ornament, won't peel or scratch... Gift Box is included for FREE!

Pewter Wreath Ornament, 2.5" diameter, Personalized image (.94")