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Pleases Visit "Beyond the Broken Door"
Pleases Visit "Beyond the Broken Door"

Personalized Photo Polaroid Frame Travel Mug for Her


A beautifully decorated frame adorns this customized photo travel mug.

Personalize with NAME and PHOTO

White 14oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug. White coated top to bottom and around to the handle; Dishwasher Safe, for maximum life of the imaged product, we recommend hand washing.

This mug meets or exceeds FDA requirements for food and beverage safety.

  • We use the method of sublimation to print and press our customized drinkware.

    Dye-sublimation printing is better than other printing technologies because it is longer lasting. When printing something with an ink-jet printer, for example, the image is literally painted onto the exterior of the target surface, one dot at a time.

    ​However, dye sublimation printing is a much more thorough technique. Instead of laying down the ink on the surface like a painter with a brush, it literally infuses the material, thanks to the ink’s application as a gas, instead of a liquid. The result? An image that is more naturally woven into the material, and is less susceptible to becoming worn or deteriorated. A dye-sublimated, printed image and its vibrant colors will also be less likely to fade or crack.