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Pleases Visit "Beyond the Broken Door"
Pleases Visit "Beyond the Broken Door"

Personalized "Trust Me, I'm A Cowboy" License Plate/Frame


"Trust Me, I'm A Cowboy" Customized Designer Front License Plate / Cowboy on Horse Designed Vanity License Plate

No horsing around but "Trust Me, I'm A Cowboy" will surely set the trail. Infused with a 10 or 20-gallon hat (maybe a few pints) and a few fine steeds provides the Western Look. All you need to do is take the rein and place your order, thank you very much.

You have the option of personalizing with NAME.

Details: Aluminum 5.875" x 11.875" x .030".

You can add Matching License Plate Frame (for state-issued license plates, usually on the REAR of the vehicle ) with 4 mounting slots. Aluminum Full-size license plate frame has an 11.125" x 4.1875" viewing area

We use dye sublimation to print and press our customized license plates...

Dye-sublimation printing is better than other printing technologies because it is longer lasting. When printing something with an ink-jet printer, for example, the image is literally painted onto the exterior of the target surface, one dot at a time.

However, dye sublimation printing is a much more thorough technique. Instead of laying down the ink on the surface like a painter with a brush, it literally infuses the material, thanks to the ink’s application as a gas, instead of a liquid. The result? An image that is more naturally woven into the material, and is less susceptible to becoming worn or deteriorated. A dye-sublimated, printed image and its vibrant colors will also be less likely to fade or crack.